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Blog of the Month - November: Propose a more brilliant future

Introducing the world's most recent and greenest wedding jewellery

Article by Weddings & Honeymoons Magazine & DWPA UK

Blog of the month


Currently trending: Sky Diamonds -Proposing a more brilliant future

Say Hello to the world's first and only diamond made entirely from the sky - Sky Diamonds!

Discover Dale Vince's groundbreaking Sky diamond brand, the world’s first carbon-negative diamonds made entirely from the sky. Article by Emily Williams

Something new has launched in the dazzling world of wedding jewellery that is turning heads, opening minds and inspiring the next generation of diamond producers. We are delighted to introduce our readers to Skydiamond, the developers behind the world’s most sustainable diamonds. Formed from the natural elements of wind, sun, rain and atmospheric carbon, their cutting-edge technology creates jewels that are kinder to the planet than ever before.

Energy, transport and food contribute towards 80% of each person’s carbon footprint, which is why they are the three pillars behind Green Industrialist Dale Vince’s plan for tackling the climate crisis. Through eco-initiatives including the world’s first renewable energy company called Ecotricity; the UK’s first national network of EV charging stations known as The Electric Highway; Devil’s Kitchen plant-based food products and BritWind wind turbines, his life’s work is dedicated to creating carbon-free living without compromise.

Next in his green revolution is Sky diamond...

Until now, the earth has been scoured, mined and irreversibly damaged to find diamonds in the rough, but Skydiamond’s Founder, Dale Vince, has paved the way for a better future. Instead of producing the harmful greenhouse gases released through traditional mining methods, Skydiamond reverses this process by extracting CO2 from the atmosphere and storing it in the ultimate form of carbon, a diamond.

Each carat of mined diamond typically has a carbon footprint of 110kg of CO2 and 500kg of greenhouse gases. By contrast, Skydiamond creates -0.6kg of CO2 per carat, meaning that they are the only diamond producer in the world that is carbon negative by design rather than by off-setting emissions. Skydiamond’s method is revolutionary in the way that it both purifies the air and encourages the industry to make positive production changes; the sky is the limit.

In a world where eco-consciousness is ever-rising, couples often now know to check for traceability when investing in a diamond of any kind. To support this, the Kimberley Process was set up by the industry to prevent blood diamonds from entering the market. But while checking a diamond’s origins can give you peace of mind, there is only one way to be sure it was mined responsibly. Skydiamonds are sourced from the sky and produced in the Cotswolds using a process that’s free from conflict, pollution and guilt. With full transparency at every stage of the journey, Skydiamond helps you to build a deeper connection with the stone.

After five years of research and development, the beautiful, perfectly formed Skydiamonds have set a new standard of sustainable diamond design in the 21st century. The solitaires are optically, physically and chemically identical to earth-mined diamonds, providing the highest quality jewel without putting the environment at jeopardy. There has never been a more pressing time to start taking climate action, and now with Skydiamond’s state-of-the-art technology, modern day couples can mark a pivotal moment in their love story all while protecting the planet.

'We make diamonds using four natural ingredients; the sun, wind, rain and something we have too much of, atmospheric carbon.

In doing so, our technology turns a negative into a positive.

Now that we can mine the sky, we never need to mine the earth again. '

Dale Vince, Founder Behind The World's Most Sustainable Diamond Brand

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