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Blog of the Month - June 23

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Top 5 thoughts and tips on how to plan a sustainable destination wedding

Blog of the month


Top 5 thoughts and tips on how to plan a sustainable destination wedding

You might think destination weddings are the least green option when it comes to planning a wedding as it involves jumping on a flight, and as we know travelling by plane releases a lot of pollution into the atmosphere. Can we still say having a destination wedding will reduce your wedding’s carbon footprint..? YES! Read on! This month we share a few tips and insights on how to make a dream destination wedding day as sustainable as possible. #1 Holiday, Wedding and Honeymoon = 3 in 1 trip!

If you think about it, you actually are opting in for less journeys in the air as you can merge your holiday with your wedding and honeymoon! A destination wedding will make you trim back on travels, hence can actually reduce your wedding’s carbon footprint! (PS Travelling by car equally releases a lot of pollution into the atmosphere, and if choosing a wedding venue that is in the UK let’s face it - guests are unlikely to opt in to take public transport on most occasions.) With destination weddings your ceremony and reception are tend to be close to one another, usually at the same location or venue, so your guests will be able to walk from A to B. If you have a religious ceremony at a church abroad your chosen venue will be more than happy to arrange a bus to take guests from the church to the venue when needed, which your wedding planner will be able to assist with. So Destination Wedding = Green getaway? Absolutely! After the excitement of your big day, you’ll need some much-needed downtime! Lucky for you and your budget you are already at the dream location for your honeymoon. If you have a far-flung destination on your bucket list, this could be the time to go for it! Why not get in touch with travel agents and tour operators that specialise in sustainable trips, such as Responsible Travel or AndBeyond.

#2 Destination Wedding = Keeping things small

When you are planning a destination wedding you are very likely to opt for a smaller wedding. Micro-weddings were a non-negotiable during the pandemic, but now they’ve become a popular choice. We believe this trend is here to stay, with brides and grooms selecting a smaller guest list to create a more intimate atmosphere, lower costs and reduce excess waste. By sharing the day with people you know well, you’ll reduce the space needed to host everyone, which has a domino effect on the equipment and catering emissions. Sometimes less is more! #3 Destination Venue Dressing: Sustainable spaces, local vendors & seasonal flowers

Your venue is one of the biggest decisions of the planning process. So if sustainability is important to you, then try to find a location that shares your environmental values. Take note of their recycling policies and check if their suppliers are local.

With your choice being a destination wedding you are probably dreaming of a beach wedding or an outdoor ceremony in a beautiful sunny setting. You will also have naturally less decoration to do as you have a scenic landscape already, and the venue will help add small touches, working closely with a local florist and designer - for example those exotic local flowers and beautiful blooms, shells etc. The sunnier the destination, the better for your budgets: The more natural light, the less energy is needed to light up a room. Also, if the venue is already decorated, it reduces the amount you will need to bring.

Fresh exotic blooms will create a stunning aesthetic and fragrance on your big day. To help keep things sustainable, choose seasonal stems and avoid the use of floral foam where possible. Your florist will be able to recommend flowers that reflect your chosen location, theme and palette, such as orchids, roses, frangipane flowers. For table centrepieces: you can always use for example orchids. These lovely plants reflect the destination / exotic theme and won’t be thrown away after the wedding day. Couples can take it home, could reward the wedding planner, bridesmaids and maid of honour or family members. After the ceremony, you can also try to reuse the flowers in the reception area to save on additional blooms.

#4 Considered Stationery

Go Paperless

Traditionally, couples would send out a save the date and an official invite with RSVP cards, which is always a beautiful keepsake! But by reducing the amount of post, you save the environment while going easier on your wallet. There are some great online companies out there, such as Paperless Post or Greenvelope, that have creative designs to send by email. But if you still love the physical feeling of an invite, then opt for recycled or plantable seed paper. Conscious Confetti Your confetti exit is the ultimate photo opportunity that you’ll have on your wall for many years to come. As your friends and family toss handfuls of colour into the sky, everyone’s faces light up with the joy of the occasion. While it's a small detail, choosing biodegradable confetti makes a big difference. Instead of paper confetti that takes longer to break down, choose eco-friendly confetti from Shropshire Petals or go DIY and dry out the petals yourselves!

#5 Destination Forever Favours and Keepsakes:

Miniature plants and shells Wedding favours are the added extra that is not always on everyone’s priority list. But if you are keen on leaving a small gift for your guests, there are lots of sustainable solutions. Edible favours, such as personalised cookies or mini cocktail jars leave little waste and double up a delightful table place name so do colourful tropical orchids. Another popular idea is a potted succulent and shells collections. Not only do they make beautiful botanical décor, but they’ll also remind guests of your special day as they grow. When it comes to planning a planet-friendly wedding, every sustainable swap makes a difference. From choosing sustainable vendors to incorporating eco-conscious decor, there is something you can do that helps you ensure you can plan a destination wedding that's both stunning and sustainable.

Feel free to get in touch for further advice, ideas and for suggestions on sustainable vendors, our team is happy to help. Drop us a message via

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