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Blog of the Month July/ August: Destination Wedding Packing List For Brides

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Read on for our list of recommendations on what you will need and helpful tips when planning a destination wedding.

Blog of the month

July/ August

Destination Wedding Packing List For Brides

By Valeriya Istomina

Planning a wedding is tasking on its own, and when planning a destination wedding, you’ll certainly want to remember everything you need. The last thing you want to stress over is something left behind on such an important trip. And so, it’s a great idea to have a list of engagement packing items for bride. Every single item you need to carry in your bride box should be on that checklist.

To make things even easier, we have put together a comprehensive list of recommendations for what to pack when going away for your wedding. This is a list you will want to have to help cut down on all the stress of travel and planning. Read on for our list of recommendations and helpful tips on what you will need to remember.

Bridal Boxes Top on our list of destination wedding ideas for what to pack is the bride subscription box. Getting a wedding subscription box can be the difference between having a daunting and stressful time and having an easy and fun time while you prepare for your wedding. You can curate a bride box to align with all of your needs throughout the wedding planning process, until the wedding and through to the honeymoon. Consider a bridal box that can be personalized to fit your unique event with wedding planners, wedding décor and luxe wedding items arriving at your destination when you need them. This bridal box is the one gift that keeps on giving, every bride-to-be does not know that she needs. If you are looking to have a great time this wedding season, consider adding a bridal box subscriptions to your bridal packing list for wedding. PS Recommendation: Check out Destination: Weddings Bridal Box Subscription

Important Paperwork for Your Destination Wedding Bridal Packing List

  • List of all vendor contacts

  • Copies of all vendor & venue contracts

  • Record and proof of deposit payments made to vendors

  • Receipts for wedding favors (to show Borders & Customs)

  • Copies of all necessary vaccination document, prescriptions, health insurance cards

  • Travel insurance

  • Wedding planning binder with all necessary details, copies of all communications with vendors, contracts, etc

  • Contact details of your closest embassy

  • Marriage certificate, if you have done the marriage legally at the courthouse. It could be required for any subsequent wedding abroad.

Important Items for Bridal Bag Packing List in Carry-On Luggage

  • Passports

  • Copies birth certificates

  • Credit card, cash

  • Cell Phone

  • Camera

  • Camera charger

  • Memory card

  • Phone charger

  • Plane tickets, boarding passes

  • Visas (if necessary)

  • Veil

  • Wedding Rings

  • Wedding Dress

  • Wedding tux

  • Wedding Day Shoes

Wedding Day Bride Essentials List to Pack

  • Change of shoes for the reception

  • Cake topper

  • Garter

  • Guestbook

  • Guest favors

  • Menu

  • Programs

  • Tiara or hair accessories

  • Wedding night lingerie and undergarments

  • Wedding day jewelry

  • Your Vows

Traditional Ceremony Items to Pack

  • Aisle runner

  • Decorations

  • Ring bearer pillow or other accessories

  • Something old, new, borrowed and blue

  • Silk bouquet (if necessary)

  • Seating and place cards, table numbers (if you are bringing your own)

  • Wedding reception music on your smartphone

Hair & Makeup Items to Pack

  • Facial cleanser

  • Flatiron or curling iron

  • Hair gel

  • Hairspray

  • Makeup (complete with, blush, mascara, foundation, eyeliner, lipstick, gloss, eyeshadow, and so on.)

  • Makeup brushes

  • Makeup remover

  • Moisturizer, eye cream, sunscreen, and so on.

Personal Items & Toiletries to Pack

  • Aloe vera for sun (if needed)

  • Comb and brush

  • Contraception

  • Deodorant

  • Extra Contact lenses

  • Insect repellent

  • Nail clippers

  • Nail file

  • Nail polish and remover

  • Reading glasses

  • Razors

  • Shaving cream

  • Sunglasses

  • Sunblock

  • Toothpaste & toothbrush

  • Tweezers

Miscellaneous Wedding Packing List for Bride

  • Beach bag

  • Bridesmaid’s gifts

  • Cardigan or wrap for chilly conditions

  • Evening bag or purse

  • Evening dresses and shoes

  • Emergency kit

  • Groom’s gift

  • Guides and maps

  • Lingerie

  • Lip balm

  • Luggage tags

  • Parent’s gifts

  • Shorts

  • Strapless bras for certain outfits

  • Summer dresses

  • Sun Hats

  • Swimwear

  • Travel sewing kit

  • Luggage Locks

  • Welcome bag items

More important tips:

  • Have a copy of your passport on your phone and if possible, send to someone at home who would not be attending the destination wedding.

  • Call your network provider to enquire about an international data plan and get one. Alternatively, turn off your roaming data and be sure to get a sim card and data plan when you get to your destination. This way you can communicate easily locally, and also reach friends and family at home using WhatsApp, or other messenger services.

Whether you need engagement packing items for bride or a bride packing list for a destination wedding, this comprehensive and well curated list will serve you. Use this list of items every couple needs when getting ready to travel for their wedding to ensure that you have all of your essentials covered. While this list is very detailed, it can be adjusted to suit your unique needs or situation.

Author: Valeriya Istomina is a Wedding Forward expert on wedding budgets, etiquettes, ceremonies, and music. If you need tips for wedding planning, she will guide you all the way. She collects analytics and surveys, talks to experts; creates checklists, templates, and gives her take on wedding planning.

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