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Blog of the Month September: How To Find Your Ideal Wedding Clients

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Blog by Jac Bowie, CEO of The Wedding Academy

Blog of the month


Sales Challenges Chapter 1: Your Ideal Client

If you have been thinking about launching a wedding business and even if you have already done so, there is one really important question you must consider, when thinking about your branding and it has nothing to do with colours, fonts or logos. The question you must consider first, is; who is my ideal client?

Shouldn’t you try to get all the business you can get? - I hear you ask and my answer to that is an emphatic no and most people who have experience in the wedding industry or in business generally, will say the same.

Now let’s take a look at why you need you to find your ideal client.

Your ideal client loves you and you love them and they are happy to tell everyone how great you are (great for referrals). They are a dream to work with, but not because they just say yes, because you click. You are right for them, they are right for you and because you know their style and speak their language, they are easier for you to find and market to.

This means you can be more strategic in your marketing efforts and get more for your marketing time and money when you are pitching to your ‘ideal client’. We have done this here at the Academy by focusing on teaching what we know and I have done it myself in my own business, the I Do Crew.

You will find a lot of advice out there about how to build your client base but the first thing you have to know, is who your ideal client is. To find your ideal client, you have to identify them.

Start by brainstorming things about them; their age, income, where they live, where they work, what they like to do in their spare time. Think about what motivates them and what their style is. Once you have done this, characterize them by writing a story about them. Think about how you would describe them to someone else and write it down.

With this profile in hand you can start to think about where you will find your ideal client and this brings us back to more strategic marketing. Most brides plan their weddings online now than ever, so that is a great place to start, but with your profile in mind, you can narrow the search down and make a decision about what tools to use to catch their attention. Your efforts on social media for example are made easier because rather than talking about everything going on in the wedding industry you can be more specific and talk about what you know interests your ideal client. This can be applied to expos and print advertising to. Don’t be everywhere, be where your ideal client is.

A great example of marketing to your ideal bride is Rock N Roll Bride. Rock N Bride is a blog for brides, but they don’t pitch their blog posts to every bride.

Their ‘ideal bride’ is the ‘alternative’ bride and although a lot of the posts on their site would have information that appeals to every bride, a luxury bride may not find that they speak her language, or refer to vendors she would consider and that is ok, because there are other sites and other vendors, for luxury brides.

To find your ideal bride, you first need to know who she is and then and only then, will you know how to pitch your skills and knowledge to her/him.


Jac Bowie, CEO Wedding Academy

Born out of a desire to provide the industry with a formal education program that would give students the chance to develop their skills via experiential learning, Founder Kylie Carlson launched what was then known as the Australian Academy of Wedding & Event Planning (AAWEP) in 2004 in Melbourne , Australia.

Now known as The Wedding Academy, we are a global online school with over 7,000 Students from all over the world.

The Wedding Academy was purchased by owner Jac Bowie in late 2022 and she now runs the business from her home in Sunshine Coast, Australia.

The Wedding Academy now attracts students from all over the world – with our biggest markets being Europe, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, South Africa, Australia, India, United Arab Emirates and Asia.

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